Saturday, March 31, 2007

Employment Certificates

Water Laboratory Assistant - doing some chemical inventory used by the chemists, microbiologist to test for potable water. I was using MS Access to perform this task.

I was working at the University's (University of San Carlos-Technological Center) Water Laboratory where I was studying my BS in Computer Engineering - 3rd year.


Computer Laboratory Assistant - working in a Computer Laboratory assisting the instructor and perform some structured cabling related job, encoding, programming, et al...

I was the Computer Laboratory assistant in the same University (University of San Carlos) I was studying with my BS in Computer Engineering - 4th year.


Faculty Member/Office Staff
- Teaching computer education to elementary and high school students. Topics include high level programming languages using C and low level assembly language, Electronics, DOS, PC Repair and Troubleshooting, HTML. I spearheaded the launching of the school website.

This was my first job after I graduated my BS in Computer Engineering - University of San Carlos-Technological Center.

The Faculty Members of Royal Oaks International School
S.Y. 2004-2005

A pool party of a grade school student with my fellow faculty member.


Application Developer
- Develops and Designs programs on a team, working as a member using .NET Architecture. UML Design, Database Schema Designing. Back end server include MSSQL server, MySQL server, Interbase server.

C&E Corporation was the name of the company before it was bought by Chiyoda Phils., Inc

This is my apartment when I was still in Pasig City 1600 Philippines, San Antonio Village.


Database Administrator
- queries/retrieve data from the back end RDBMS server using MySQL and MSSQL and export reports as CSV and the like to the CEO. Optimize database like creating indexes, stored procedures, triggers.

In Bigfoot Customer Care Systems, Inc - I was working in a graveyard shift.


Web Developer/Programmer - Developing and modifying existing programs used by the researcher like the reciprocal links checker and directory, et al...

Application Developer
- Develops ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Software that caters to the business logic of the company. Technologies used include Visual Basic.NET, MySQL.

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