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My Personal Experience in Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb

As an engineering professional it is very important for me to protect electronic devices, I might be working on a simple electronic project not knowing it is already sabotage by what they called the Ebomb(Electromagnetic Bomb). This weapon of destruction compromises modern civilization for it affects everything using electronics like automobiles, aircraft, banks, computers and even satellites. Just imagine you are riding in a helicopter or booking a flight and suddenly out from nowhere you been attack by this EBomb what would you expect to happen, disaster and for some it might look as an accident but for the perpetrators its terror in action.
This is not something you see in a science fiction movie, this is real technology that happens in real life, with real damages or casualties. Remembering the 9/11 attack in the U.S.

My first hand experience with what they called the E bomb was in my parents house, where I was watching T.V. a CRT T.V., I noticed that the television set was emitting different types of colors which is very unusual for a T.V. It suddenly for no reason at all turned off, after it turned off I just plug the T.V. out from the AC socket then turn it back on again, it worked for two or three times the T.V. still worked until unfortunately the T.V. on the living room died and totally damaged, the effect of this E Bomb on electronic IC's is irreversible. I also created a simple 9V DC Electronic Metronome which I wanted to use to study string instruments particularly the guitar and I remember the last time that I used it was still working, I was able to follow the tempo and the time signature until one day for no reason at all my 9V DC Metronome was no longer functioning, I traced the circuit and I found out that the IC I was using was burned out, another electronic device which I suspected it was damaged by this EBomb was my RC truck, I traced the ckt. and found out the IC was also burned out. These is an act of war crimes, these EBomb is a warfare compared to a Nuclear Bomb, although it may not harm people directly, but technologies around us are destroyed. It can kill somebody indirectly, picture yourself driving in a car not knowing all the electronics/electrical system in your automobile are burned out - this is a perfect crime for the perpetrators/criminals/thugs for they are doing this remotely that may look like an accident. However, as any form of waves in physical science it can be traced, using Doppler Effect Detection and Ranging, Electromagnetics is the key that discover the mystery behind the principle of light - LIDAR, once this thugs are located they can be charged of Genocide, just like what the Japanese Government is charged after the end of World War, Now who's bad.

I remember these EMI/EMP when I was still in college, specifically Electromagnetics and an introductory lesson in physics, which is not an easy subject, it is a combination of Electric field and Magnetic field.I just took them for granted and never take it seriously, I never knew that these disastrous waves could cause damage to electronic devices until such time I experienced it first hand. Electromagnetic waves come in different types: Visible Light, Radio waves, T.V., Microwave, Power Source/Grid, X-ray, et al. Electromagnetic waves are generated by accelerating electric charge thus causing electronic devices to heat up and consequently increases temperature hot enough to burn these devices, according to Maxwells Equation(Equation that governs electromagnetics in physics) the time varying electric field(Gauss Law) can act as a magnetic source and the time varying magnetic field(Gauss Law) can act as a source of Electric field. There is one thing we should know about electromagnetic waves are not mechanical waves, it is spatial, it travels in space or vacuum, it involves mainly on source frequency and the target frequency, like the radio waves, I think doppler effect can be used to trace these fuckin source.

Fig. James Clerk Maxwell

The cost of the facility used in generating these electromagnetic waves are not modest, it will cost the perpetrators, meaning these terrorists have the money to gain access to these technology. These weapon can be compared to the disaster that can be caused by a nuclear weapon, which I believe that an ordinary civilian cannot have access to, these weapons are military warfare, in which I also believe that have the most advance technology in electronics. Unless otherwise somebody from the services sold it to a company/civilian. Perilous world!. Tell me who are them will come to be?, How many are them are you and me?, when somebody gets in your face, just say "Have a nice day!"

These are some of the links just to have an insights about these EBomb:
Natural magnets are more weaker compared to artificial magnets, so therefore when this weapon are constructed it uses an artificial magnet, artificial magnets mostly are coil wounded around a metal, there are only three metals used to create artificial magnets namely: iron, nickel, cobalt. With iron as the most powerful artificial magnet, but these metals can be formed into an alloy which can create a more powerful magnet. Neodymium the strongest permanent magnet known may be used by these evil scientist to invent these facility to generate these EBomb.
Therefore don't ever think twice if you ever feel that your devices will suddenly feel very hot, It's not accident, it is done in purpose.

These are the following electronic/electrical devices which I believe had been damaged by these EBomb:

1. 9V DC Electronic Metronome

Its a simple 9V DC electronic metronome that I created last 2007 - used for studying stringed musical instruments, click on the link above for the ckt.

It has timer IC - 555 timer, Johnson Decade Counter, speaker, LED's, potentiometer, et al.

As I examined and traced this very simple ckt. I found out that all of the IC's I been using - the timer and the decade counter were all burned out and the temperature of the IC casing is very hot, which is a characteristic of an increase in voltage.

Given the characteristics of a speaker, it has a voice coil and a magnet, "arcing" may occur in the switch and thus creates an "inductive kick" In order to have a ckt. that protects from an "inductive kick" a resistor and a diode connected in series can be used and connect it in parallel with the speaker, it is not frequency dependent. Another way is to add a "snubber ckt.", connected in parallel with an inductor which is good for AC or square wave applications.

Unfortunately I was not able to apply the 2 techniques, maybe this might be the reason for the damage. Although proper grounding is applied and every IC has a ground connection. However, this is not the only device being damaged, the CRT T.V. on my parents living room was also damaged, this T.V. is manufactured by Philipps and I believe they have a strict quality control for their electronics.

A ceramic capacitor - 0.01uF
A resistor - 100 ohms, 1/4 watts
Fig. Snubber ckt.


I took out the timer and the decade counter in the IC socket. As you can see the IC is not their.

2. T.V. on the living room

This CRT T.V. is created by Philipps.

3. RC truck

4. Electric Fan

This is the radio control ckt. of my RC truck that has the transmitter, cystal(27 MHz - FCC) , IC, et al. Same thing happened to the metronome - IC burned out.

Fig. Microelectronics - used in microprocessors/IC's

Since the invention of transistors from Bell Labs, miniaturization or microscopic engineering has already been existed since 1930's. Millions of transistors can be constructed in an electronic wafer with the size of your fingertips. Just think of the technology that existed in our present time, Satellites can see people inside the buildings regardless whether your wearing something or not(pervert specific technology) and can pick up thousands of conversations all at the same time, Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb, The weather can also be controlled and manipulated nowadays, Nuclear Bomb, IPv6, Brainwave technology - that may control somebody's thoughts, and with the advent of nanotechnology everything seems to become more advance.

Fig. Miniaturization of Intel 8088 microprocessor an 8 bit microprocessor

I just hope these technologies will be used not to harm anybody but to make our lives good, It's a wonderful world, you should try it.

Other applications for Electromagnetic Waves:
  • 1) Astronomy
  • 2) Earthquakes and effects of electromagnetic waves in soil.
If you think earthquake related incident can be cause by these EBomb, I think they are.
Take a quick peek at these link:

Hypothesis:(possible culprit)

Fig. Electromagnetic spectrum is a series of continuous electromagnetic wave that travels through vacuum with the speed of light(theory of relativity), that varies with frequencies, wavelength, energy content. These include infrared, ultraviolet light, x-rays, microwave, radio, broadcasting.

ISBN 0-7172-5367-8(complete set)
ISBN 0-7172-5352-X(volume 6)
Grolier Family Encyclopedia

According to the figure above there are different types of radiation classes for electromagnetic spectrum - sources in which these electromagnetic waves may come from:
1)Electrical Power/Power Grids;
2)Inductive Heat(Coil);
3)Broadcasting Networks;
4)Microwave/Radio wave(Satellites, Transmission towers on hills);
6)Visible spectrum;
7)Ultraviolet rays;
9)y Radiation;
10)Cosmic rays(Space)

If you are constructing an electronic circuit, the first thing you must consider is the electromagnetic effect of your ckt. or what they called "inductive kick" or arcing in switch when you are using a coil or an inductor - this is the nearest source(wavelength) of electromagnetic waves. This is when no external electromagnetic spectrum is applied. What if their is an external electromagnetic spectrum applied. Looking at the figure above, with the 1)Power Grids/Source, 2)Broadcasting Networks, 3) Satellites/Transmission towers as the entity/company that has a greatest wavelength coverage.

Power Grids have the most greatest wavelength coverage on land surface up to billions of kilometers. A surveillance check should be made to these power grids. Satellites can check there facility inside these edifices.

Next to power grids wavelength coverage is the broadcasting netwoks. I also suspect people in these type of industries have the facility to generate these EBomb aside from the military. Looking at there financial aspect they are very capable of acquiring these technology. These type of industry have their own engineers. In Philippine setting, I long heard before about these Broadcasting Networks grudge when I was still a boy up to now. There are two major broadcasting networks whom I know have/had conflicts with each other 1) GMA; 2)ABS-CBN. Click for the complete list of broadcasting networks in the Philippines Considering all broadcasting networks around the globe have the capability to have access to these technology.

Aside from their own satellite facility/broadcasting facility, these companies should be check for these possible threat. This is just a hypothesis, however these entities are very well capable of having these technology. Russian roulette is not the same without a gun.

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