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My Personal Experience in Fake Job Offer by MALCOLM DRILLING LTD. or any other similar modus operandi.

This post is entertaining and constantly reminds me as well to be cautious and careful in making deals with other people specially in dealing with job offers.

As an Engineering Professional I am constantly improving and seeking more opportunities aside from what I currently have, utilizing every resources I could possibly use and that includes the internet, I am in the generation of digital and information age where everything is transparent and information is readily available at the palm of your hands, the internet made the world so small just like a golf ball, everything is connected nowadays, you can just searched anything under the sun with a simple click and stroke. With the presence of social media, information are dynamically propagated on every single human being on the planet with internet connection, on the phone, the computer, tablet, appliances, et al... And giving opportunity to all kinds of people including scammers.

I am currently working in a Construction Firm as an IT Professional, as I go along with my daily duties in work I found something that catches my eyes on my email, A Job Invitation demanding me to send my credentials to these following emails for possible job offer:


Name of the company that invites me to send my professional credentials:


Corporate headquarters:
Malcolm Drilling Ltd. 100 New Bridge Street
London, EC4V 6JA
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 703 191 2797
Fax: +44 844 774 9761
Human Resources Department:
Email: and
Company Registration Number: 04624939.
Incorporation Date December 24, 2002
Companies House Filing December 24, 2013
That Is 12 Years And 5 Months Of This Company.

The content of the email that they send me was about the possible job offer, requiring me to send my resume.

So I send to them my resume, and other credentials like my Employment Certificates, Passport, Red Ribbon, TOR, et al... without malice and with sincerity.

And they send me another email after I send my credentials to them - the interview questions like:
1)What is my Ideal Job?
2)What is my current pay at my present job?
3)Are you willing to work in London UK
... And many other questions that was send from my email, I was not even interviewed personally, After I had answered their interview questions they sent me a Job Offer Immediately, which surprised me, this is the content of the job offer:

The Contract Agreement was so enticing with a job position of IT Manager and with a Pay Rate of £10,000 every month- Take a closer look £10,000 in British Pounds, this is amounting to 700,000 in Philippine Pesos - please use this link for currency convertion , on top of the offer that is mentioned on the contract agreement they also offer me a free accommodation for non UK residents, a car with a driver, health insurance, et al... as reflected on the contract agreement - the contract sounds so good to be true as I even brag it to my friends that I found this opportunity and as far as I know they will pay you by the hour not in monthly rate, As I go along and read the contract - 10. VISA FESS/EXPENSES - triggers a confusion on my mind which I was initially told that the work VISA will be shouldered by them and the company will sponsor me for a VISA which is also written on the Law that VISA are shouldered by the company according to Philippine Law and POEA as what I recall from my previous experience when I was working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - please visit this link for complete Laws on the Philippines including Immigration Laws and Working on other countries, I send email through and fro the HR Manager named Bernard Clark which I believe is not their true identity, they even called me on my mobile phone, and in the office with a 

Number: +777777777777

I started to doubt the numbers calling as reflected on the Log of my phone - the country code for London UK is 44 - these numbers are so weird and how did they got this number, The time difference of London UK and Cebu, Philippines is 7 hours late in reference to London UK - please visit this link for to world time and they started to ask a fee for my work VISA and other travel documents as stated in 10. VISA FEES/EXPENSES - I will be the one to pay for the VISA and they ask me about the DPR Certificate.

I ask them why should I pay for the WORK VISA when in the first place it was stated that WORK VISA is shouldered by the company if an employee successfully pass all the screenings conducted by the company, my doubt added as I go along for they even called me in the middle of the night when I was still sleeping, and called me early in the morning considering for the global time differences, that would be impossible to do.

I also ask them what is a DPR Certificate - they told me it is DEPARTMENT OF PETROLEUM RECOURSES Certificate, what the hell this clowns don't know what they are saying - RECOURSES its not even found in the dictionary.

Without the DPR Certificate it would be impossible for the Immigration Lawyer to process my Work VISA as what these clowns told me, and they told me the DPR is amounting to £550 that is exactly a rough equivalent to 40,000 pesos and another £850 an amount equivalent to 60,000 pesos for the payment of the work VISA and other travel documents. So a total of 100,000 pesos as this clowns told me.

As I researched through the internet I found out about this link:

Please read thoroughly about the testimonies of other people about this scammers, for they can victimize other people.

And I researched about DPR on google please follow link:

These clowns are Nigerian decent, their kung fu is not enough to catch a fish, so kindergarten.

They did not get any money from me but I don't know if they are still doing this to other people, as a Concern Citizen I am posting this blog for anyone that might encounter the same situation I experience.

I also reported this to proper agencies on the internet like:

And I also Social Engineer this and it would be better if some will read this post and put it on the social media like facebook, twitter, et al..

This clowns even put my name and mobile number on google search engine where I found out their modus operandi, There are testimonies of the Lead Investigator that Malcolm Drilling Ltd. is a scam 

Please take a look what these clowns posted:

FYI I am a Computer Professional I don't need to hire somebody just to make money, pathetic freaks!
The identity of the post above is different as I had expected its not their true identity. Its for the readers discretion to believe what is written on the website.

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